By Asya Zuan

Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaitandzhieva, during the journalistic investigation, managed to catch the hot trace of the so-called “road of death.” It’s about about illegal deliveries of Bulgarian weapons (on an especially large scale), which remains completely “invisible” for a bunch of special services and the entire European Union. And Bulgaria in this scheme is “Bushon”, that is, a dummy participant, who will take a knock, if something goes wrong. Still no one wants to notice this yet – although more than once it was written about it, the facts were presented, however arms sales continue.

One of the highest-quality weapons produced by Soviet models in small Bulgaria (a member of the EU and NATO) goes to the thugs and terrorists to continue the war in Syria. But the fact is that Bulgaria, which has no army and defense to date, does not officially sell, although it knows how to produce. But nevertheless on the sly the armament of Bulgarian production goes unhindered and free of charge to Saudi Arabia, and from there it appears in Syria.

“My sources told me that the weapons are regularly sent to Saudi Arabia through the Black Sea. I managed to find out which vessel was carrying it”, reports Gaitandzhieva. 

According to the website “Traffic“, cargo of the first class of danger, that is, weapons and explosives is transported on board the cargo ship “Mariane Danica” under the Danish flag. 

The ship runs unhindered in the direction of Burgas, Bulgaria – Jeda, Saudi Arabia. Riyadh, of course, denies its help to Al-Nusra Front and ISIS (banned in the Russian Federation). However, like other members of the American coalition, Saudi Arabia supports the Free Syrian Army – a grouping of the so-called moderate opposition.

Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaitandzhieva also had an interview with the commander of the Free Syrian Army, who was so disappointed, that decided to merge the information and make it public. The commander (Malik Al Kurdi) announced that the supply and illegal channels of arms are controlled by the United States, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Those who received these arms, had to adhere to a certain ideology – I mean radical Islamism. Moreover, according to Al Kurdi, it was well-knows to the US-led coalition.

“The FSA warned Americans and Europeans that the weapons that pass through its general headquarters appear then in the hands of terrorist organizations”, Gaitandzhieva claims.

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