Russia will continue working with the United States to look for appropriate mechanisms of interaction in Syria, Head of Russia’s Delegation and Russian Presidential Envoy on the Syrian Settlement Alexander Lavrentyev said on Thursday.

“We will continue the work we have commenced with Americans to find the most effective mechanisms of interaction on the Syrian soil,” the envoy noted.

“The new US administration of Donald Trump has not yet defined its specific Middle East policy. Nonetheless, it was stated during the latest telephone talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin about the support for all the efforts in the war on terror and all the efforts for attaining peace on the Syrian land,” Lavrentyev said.

Regrettably, “Americans have ignored up until now the attempts to organize close military interaction,” Lavrentyev said.

In the envoy’s opinion, the work to establish this interaction “would be a step in the right direction that could help solve many problems.” “This work will be continued,” he added.

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