Navalny can not run for president of Russia-for now

Moscow, Russia. George Soro’s hand picked candidate to go up against Vladimir Putin in next year’s elections, just got a bucket of ice cold water dumped over him by state officials who say he is not elligible at this time to be on the ballot in Russia.

Soros agent Alexei Navalny is ineligible to run for the Russian presidency next year unless he can overturn a conviction for embezzlement, a senior election official was quoted as saying to Russian news yesterday.

Navalny, who says Russia needs to embrace “western values,” and leads a fifth column effort that reguarlly speaks of overthrowing the government, now has become the most prominent opposition challenger to President Vladimir Putin, who is expected to run for what would be a fourth presidential term in March 2018.

Navalny’s political plans were complicated in February when a court found him guilty of embezzlement. The fact that Navalny is a paid agent of Soros and supported by the US government in Moscow does not seem to have made him officially a target of the Putin Administration, yet.

On Wednesday, a court rejected his appeal and upheld the original conviction which came with a five-year suspended prison sentence. Navalny’s legal team said it would now appeal to the European Court of Human Rights, which has left many Russians asking how this European organization has a say over any issue that is Russian?

Nikolai Bulayev, deputy chairman of Russia’s Central Election Commission, told reporters on Wednesday that Navalny was currently ineligible to run and could only do so if he quashed his conviction via the courts.

“It’s a delusion. If he’s doing this deliberately he’s deluding other people. For now, as far as I understand, he does not have the right to stand for election and in order to get it he needs to act via the courts. There is no other way.”


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