Kiev demands Italy extradite Donbass visitors

Kiev demands Italy extradite Donbass visitors

Kiev, Ukraine.  A recent visit by Italian Communists to the Donbass region of Ukraine, has resulted in the US-backed puppet Poroshenko administration indicating they will request European Union authorities arrest the tourists upon return to Italy and extradite them to Kiev for prosecution by Ukrainian authorities under Ukrainian anti-terrorist laws.

Kiev to seek prosecution of Italian delegates who visited occupied areas of Donbas as The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has confirmed the fact of the visit of Italian MEP Eleonora Forenza as part of a delegation of the Communist group visiting the temporarily occupied part of Donbass, and said it will seek her arrest and others with her on the tour of Donbass recently.

“We sent a note to the Italian Foreign Ministry back on April 28 about the inadmissibility of violating Ukrainian legislation and demanded that measures be taken to prevent such a visit. We demanded she be arrested and her group be stopped before physically coming to the Donbass.” Ukrainian spokesperson Betsa said in Kiev.

“As the result of these contacts, the Italian Foreign Ministry sent all the competent authorities and organizers of this provocation the information regarding criminal liability for violation of Ukrainian law. Italy stressed that its government supports the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine and this position remains unchanged,” the Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman, Maryana Betsa, said in a comment to international press in Kiev Thursday evening.

The Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said that the Italian side stressed that this was a separate initiative of individuals and it in no way reflected the official position of Italy.

Betsa also said Kiev will demand the arrest and extradition of these persons to Kiev for trial on charges under Ukraine’s anti-terrorist laws.

Eleonora Forenza is an Italian politician, spokesperson for culture and communications in the Communist Refoundation Party and a member of the European Parliament.

According to a number of media reports, Forenza visited the occupied areas of Lugansk and Donetsk during May holidays, in the company of 50 plus Italian Communists and a unknown number of intoxicated musicians.


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