Washington, DC. The last day has seen some incredible developments as a large number of the Presidents most erstwhile supporters are now concerned Donald John Trump has a mental illness emerging in his daily behavior as chief executive and keeper of America’s nuclear arsenal.

Senior Republican Senators and Congresspersons have confided this week that President Donald Trump’s puzzling statements over the last few days have left them confused.

According to White House sources, GOP aides on Capitol Hill and at the White House have been unable to explain why Trump unleashed a string of baffling claims over a 24-hour period in interviews with multiple domestic media outlets.

Some of the most bizarre statements ever uttered by a chief executive are now attributable to Donald Trump within the last day:

The president claimed that President Andrew Jackson was very angry about the Civil War and could have prevented it, even though Jackson died 16 years prior.

Trump said that he was considering breaking up the banks and establishing a gas tax. Directly causing significant damage to America’s stock market in overnight trading.

He said that he would be “honored” to meet with North Korea dictator Kim Jong-Un, and then said that “nobody’s safe” from North Korea’s nuclear weapons.

And to top things off, Trump praised the high approval ratings of Philippines strongman President Rodrigo Duterte.

White House officials have insisted there was “no broader strategy” for scheduling the interviews.

Political insiders and observers have concluded that there is no strategy to understanding Trump. He is impulsive and simply saying or making choices in the moment, often without facts or supporting material.

A senior aide to Trump lamented quietly, “He just seemed to go crazy today.” Americans are now left to wonder every day when a man who is not fully here mentally finally does something that can not be reversed or repaired.

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