Moscow, Russia. In late breaking news, Moscow regrets to announce the loss of a Russian officer assisting secure Syrian territory from terrorist forces, Russian military adviser Lieutenant-Colonel Alexey Buchelnikov was killed in Syria as a result of sniper fire by militants. This was reported on Tuesday, May 2nd, by the Ministry of Defense of Russia, in a press statement.

“Alexey Buchelnikov was in Syria as part of a group of Russian military advisers who are training Syrian artillery unit personnel,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

During a session on combat training, the Syrian unit came under fire from snipers. Buchelnikov will be posthumously granted a state award related to his service at time of death. The Russian Federation Defense Ministry announced.

Head of the Russian General Staff Main Operations Department Colonel-General Sergey Rudskoy said that Russian military advisers in Syria are preparing operations with the Assad army and providing it with intelligence assistance against ISIS terrorists.

Previously it was reported that Major Sergey Bordov of the Russian Navy’s Black Sea Fleet was killed in Syria on April 18th. The sailors of the fleet came under artillery fire. According to eyewitnesses, two Russian servicemen and two Syrian soldiers were killed.

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