Warsaw, Poland. It was only a matter of time before the West’s choice for President of France fell down a flight of stairs head first from a lack of experience. The candidate known as “mommys boy” as he married a woman 24 years older than himself, insulted the Polish nation and started a diplomatic circus in remarks made yesterday.

Poland’s government protested on Tuesday after French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron named its most powerful politician alongside Russia’s Vladimir Putin as the leaders of oppresive regimes in an attempt to attack his opponent Marine Le Pen.

The slur against Jaroslaw Kaczynski, head of the governing Law and Justice Party (PiS), follows comments from Macron last week that, if elected, he would urge the European Union to impose sanctions on Poland for violating democratic norms, according to Macron the Poles are considered too undemocratic to be trusted with EU leadership positions..

The numerous incidents are likely to make for poor relations between Macron and the biggest of the EU’s eastern ex-communist nations if he wins the election on Sunday.

“We all know who Le Pen’s allies are: the regimes of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Kaczynski, Putin. These aren’t regimes with an open and free democracy. Every day they break many democratic freedoms,” Macron said on Monday setting off a diplomatic circus in Warsaw.

Poland’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement: “Pointing to a supposed alliance between Le Pen and the leader of Law and Justice is a manipulation. And the inclusion of Jaroslaw Kaczynski in the ranks of ‘Le Pen’s friends who break numerous freedoms’ is improper and highly unsuitable.” Some Poles are now demanding that Macron be barred from entry to Poland in light of his anti-Polish remarks.

The complete embarassment of Poland with Macron further sours already fragile relations with France, which deteriorated after Poland last year called off a $3.5 billion contract for military helicopters from Airbus, without giving any explanation.

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