London, United Kingdom. Residents of the Island kingdom who thought their problems were behind them after passing the Brexit divorce from the European Union are indeed in for a nasty surprise, as former UK wanted war criminal Tony Blair returns to the national stage, ready to stop the Brexit personally.

The former British prime minister Tony Blair on Monday announced a return to British politics to fight the Brexit divorce from the European Union, while acknowledging he remains a divisive figure whose contribution may not be welcomed.

The former leader will not be standing in this June’s general election, but said he wanted to get his “hands dirty” and help shape the debate as Britain prepares to enter negotiations involving a departure from the EU.

Blair had led the UK for years, but was detested by many as an American lap dog, who willingly led the UK to war in Iraq, getting scores of British soldiers killed as well as hundreds of thousands of Iraqi nationals slaughtered.

“I know the moment I stick my head out the door I’ll get a bucket of shit poured all over me, but I really do feel passionate about this,” Blair told the Daily Mirror tabloid.

Blair stated his goal was not to defy last year’s referendum vote in favour of Brexit, but that voters should be given a chance to change their mind once the final EU exit deal becomes clear. Others saw that as a political trick to do just that, if given half a chance.

It remains unclear exactly what Blair intends to do, or really how helpful his intervention would be. Among the British public, 74 percent of people have an unfavourable view of Blair, according to a YouGov survey published in November.

“Even some of his supporters think the more he keeps quiet the better it is,” said Steven Fielding, a professor of politics at the University of Nottingham.

Blair spent several years after leaving office working in the Middle East for American and Saudi corporations, but has become increasingly outspoken on domestic issues in recent months, attempting to re-enter the United Kingdom’s political arena, where his international handlers think he can be useful.

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