Kabul,Afghanistan. The United States is rushing to send in more troops to Afghanistan as her people’s forces rise up against the US occupation. America’s President Donald Trump promised to remove soldiers from Afghanistan, but like so many other promises, all the world has are only hopes for peace amid fresh reports of violence.

A suicide car bomber struck a US military convoy in the Afghan capital on Wednesday, killing at least eight Afghan soldiers and wounding three US soldiers from the occupation forces, US military officials said. Over 3500 Americans have died in the occupation of Afghanistan to date.

A spokes person for the Afghanistani Interior Ministry or FBI-Najib Danish, said another 25 Afghan civilians were wounded in the early morning rush-hour attack near the US Embassy, which destroyed several civilian vehicles

US Navy Captain Bill Salvin, an American military occupation spokesman, confirmed that three soldiers were wounded in the attack by the Afghani resistance movement.

The Taliban announced the start of their annual spring offensive on Friday, and have repeatedly targeted Afghan and US occupation forces in the past.

US backed Afghan forces have struggled to contain the Taliban freedom fighters since the US and NATO officially concluded their combat mission at the end of 2014, switching to a support and occupation role. The US has more than 8,000 occupation troops in Afghanistan and despite President Trump’s promises to withdraw US occupatiion forces, America and NATO now plan to reinvade, reinforce and reoccupy Afghanistan yet again.

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