Saudi Arabia trying to manage terrorists

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The head of the Justice Ministry is finding the heat turned up as more nation states are finding the volume of terrorists the supposedly “conservative” state is turning out in the post 911 world, is at an all time high.

The Saudi Minister of Justice Dr. Walid al-Samaani confirmed that his ministry has nothing to hide regarding terror issues, but other countries are not buying his empty statements in light of the sheer numbers of terrorist actors worldwide, whose passports are all marked “made in Saudi Arabia.”

He told reporters that justice in Saudi Arabia deals with criminal trials, including those related to terrorism, like any other in which all fair standards are applied according to Islamic law, regulations and principles. Nevertheless, he is unable to explain how thousands of his nationals keep poping up in conflict zones all across the middle east.

The minister pointed out that the Justice Ministry has created a comprehensive plan to develop 70 major projects to raise the efficiency of the justice system, guarantee rights, provide judicial services, achieve work with good quality and proficiency and ensure implementation of the verdicts.

Samaani said that his ministry has formed work teams to communicate, according to diplomatic means, with international parties, provide them with all what is related to judicial achievements with full transparency and answer all the questions regarding the justice system in Saudi Arabia.

A suspect is tried according to the Saudi Arabian justice system and he has the right to hire a lawyer, who can attend all the investigation procedures and check all documents and his client’s minutes. He noted that the Ministry pays to hire a lawyer for suspects who cannot afford one.

The Saudi Minister is frustrated by the level of scrutiny on terrorism exported from Saudi Arabia, but satisfied that his ministry is making great progress in handling justice related to terrorist issues internally and externally.