London, United Kingdom. UK voters noticed a rather strange response on the talk show circuit this weekend by PM Theresa May, who when asked about nuclear weapons use, instantly and without flinching, said she was ready “to push the button.”

With a busy weekend on the interview front, Theresa May’s election 2017 strategy becomes even more clear. May intends to use her god-given genius to bore and stupefy the electorate into losing both the will to care about her limitations, and the capacity to notice when she says something crazy or insane.

The plan is already working judging by her appearance on British television today, she could have come out with anything without activating the mental alarm bells.

“Andrew, if we win this election, my first official duty on 9 June will be to go to London Zoo,” she could have said, “take all my clothes off, and have a refreshing swim in the tiger enclosure water trough. I’ve been very clear that big-cat skinny-dipping is what this country needs, not a coalition of chaos led by Jeremy Corbyn, who’d flounder in the shallow end of the seal pool.”

Yes, she’s absolutely right. Nude bathing with tigers is exactly the kind of safe and secure future Britain needs and with a “stable” woman who is ready to react to “Russian aggression” on a moment’s notice.

Which brings us to her moment of glory, when asked if she would be able to use the nuclear button in a moment of crisis, May blurted out YES, without even a seconds thought or reflection. The PM had no hesitation, in depth thought process or even question to clarify the circumstances of the proposed use of nuclear weapons, she simply shot back “YES.”

British voters should really think twice about who they put behind such a big button, with such small answers.

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