Sea of Japan, Russian Navy Ship. A detachment of ships of the Pacific Fleet of Russia has discovered the exact location of the US Navy strike group led by the Carl Vinson aircraft carrier, currently the group is in the Sea of ​​Japan, Russian naval vessels are reporting to Moscow.

The US and South Korea have begun exercises in the Sea of ​​Japan. At 05:30 Moscow time, a Pacific Fleet detachment consisting of a large landing ship Admiral Nevelskoy and a battle cruiser in the southern part of the Sea of ​​Japan 40 miles from the islands of Ulleungdo of the Republic of Korea, reported discovery of an aircraft carrier strike group of the US Navy, the American atomic aircraft carrier Carl Vinson.

The aircraft carrier was escorted by a number of ships from the US, Japan and others of unknown national origin. Sonar reports in the area indicated Submarines of unknown nationality are also active in the potential war zone.

For some time the group was moving closer in provocative moves at Russian ships, then followed a parallel course. From the aircraft carrier fighter jets and helicopters took off, which later flew near the Russian Navy ship Admiral Nevelskoy. After the ships of the US Navy departed and headed for south of the Korean peninsula, and a detachment of ships of the Pacific Fleet of Russia continued to move on to port in Vladivostok.

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