Warsaw, Poland. A popular trend in NGOs is to set yourself up as “independent” and “unbiased” and claim your out to counter “Russian aggression.” Enter the latest contestant on who wants to get a free pile of money from George Soros, one Adam Lelonek of Warsaw.

In Poland an NGO has been set up which will work to identify and counteract “Russian Propaganda,” The Center for Analysis of Propaganda and Disinformation, has been opened according to a statement by Adam Lelonek, director of the Center funded by George Soros to sell the idea of middle eastern migrants being allowed to flood Poland, under the cover of fighting “Putin propaganda.”

“The ‘Center for Analysis of Propaganda and Disinformation’ Foundation is the first institute of this kind in Poland, whose activity will be aimed at the analysis and search for a systematic approach to identifying and counteracting Russian disinformation in Polish information space,” Lelonek stated.

According to him, aside from scientific research and analytical work, the foundation will collaborate with “other entities” (like Soros and NATO) in order to create a base of understanding of the threats in Polish society, because information and psychological warfare penetrate various spheres of society and the state’s functioning. Of course, Lelonek did not explain that is exactly what his job will be, only selling the NATO and Soros lies to unsuspecting Polish citizens.

“We would like to become one of the foundations of the new system to protect Polish information space from Russian influence. We understand the nature of the hostile actions from Russia towards Poland and its allies, but in spite of this, a long time has passed, and until now Poland has not had even one institute which would counteract Russian propaganda on various levels,” Lelonek says.

Lelonek claims independence, but has a long history of ties to the Polish government, George Soros, Ukrainian radicals, American NGOs like the Atlantic Council, Foreign Relations Council, and NATO sponsored NGOs.

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