New York, NY. In remarks published by a neocon NGO in the USA, an arguement is being advanced to the Trump administration that Russia is already at war with Europe and action should be taken immediately that reflects this “reality” as seen by Americans ready to fight Russia.

“When President Donald Trump attends the NATO summit in Brussels on May 25, he should press the Alliance to confront Moscow’s conventional military superiority and nuclear blackmail tactics, rather than endlessly needle the Europeans about defense spending.” This is the narative pushed by the Neocon nazi-non governmental organization, Victoria Nuland and others of her ilk call home at the Atlantic Council.

The NGO that advocates a nuclear first strike upon Russia, supports the Donbass genocide and is a registered agent for Hunter Biden’s Burisma Holdings believes the real problem, ” is its unwillingness to realize that Europe is not at peace and will not be for a considerable time to come.”

According to the Atlantic Council, NATO’s response to Russian threats to European security has been too slow and halting. NATO faces both conventional inferiority on the Baltic, Balkan and Black Sea flanks and nuclear blackmail by Moscow. They call upon the Trump Administration to start acting like the USA and Russia are at war.

Where things start to unravel from a safer world perspective, are the American insuiations that Moscow is ready to attack the west, simply for the sake of attack. According to the Americans, Russia has “invaded Ukraine,” and seems prepared to “use its nuclear weapons, probably its tactical nuclear missiles, in a first-strike mode either against military targets or against European capitals.”

In an attempt to justify an early entry of Ukraine into a NATO alliance, the Americans attempt to use it as some magical secret force field, somehow capable of blocking Russia from overrunning Europe, “The failure to rebuild an effective and durable structure of European security that includes Ukraine, other pro-Western post-Soviet states, NATO and EU members will only intensify and accelerate the challenges we face.”

Some who understand history and Russia’s worldview and diplomacy will find the remarks straight out of a lunatic asylumn. A tour de force from a Hitler assclown wannabe, but be aware that this remarks are the ideological glue, the shared perspective of NATO defense ministers planning acts hostile to the people of Russia.

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