Journalist at White House demands to know why media ignores anti-Trump violence

Independent journalist and author Mike Cernovich caused quite a stir at the White House briefing on Monday, after turning to the room full of journalists and demanding to know why they aren’t asking Democratic politicians to disavow violence from those opposed to US President Donald Trump.

After leftist demonstrators have been documented unleashing violence against supporters of President Donald Trump, Cernovich decided to attend the briefing to attempt to ask Press Secretary Sean Spicer what the administration is going to do to curb it.
Cernovich repeatedly raised his hand, shouting out his questions multiple times, without response from Spicer.

“What about violence against Trump supporters at Berkeley?” Cernovich repeatedly asked.

After Spicer ended the briefing without responding to the question, Cernovich turned his line of questioning on the journalists in the room instead.

“Why will nobody here cover the violence against Trump supporters, and why won’t you demand that leaders of the Democrats disavow the violence from antifa — the way you demanded that Trump disavow violence from his supporters?” Cernovich asked.

Cernovich went on to assert that the violence is being “completely covered up,” before angry journalists from MSNBC and other outlets began to demand to know who he is — and who he was working for.

“I want to know why nobody will demand that the Democrats disavow antifa violence,” Cernovich began, “terrorism against women happening in America…”

The room full of media was visibly irritated by the time Cernovich exited the room — while continuing to demand that they call on leaders to “disavow antifa.”
On April 27, conservative speaker Ann Coulter cancelled her event at UC Berkeley after police and university officials cited “specific, significant, and real” threats of violence — and claimed that they could not guarantee her safety, or the safety of those who wished to see her speak.

Last month also saw violent clashes between right and leftist activists, at a “Patriot’s Day” event organized by Donald Trump supporters in the city. Those opposing the free speech rally were filmed throwing M80s, bottles and bricks into the crowds. Blood from both sides spilled onto the sidewalks.

Earlier this year, a speech by right-wing political commentator Milo Yiannopoulos was also shut down by rioters who caused over $500,000 in damage to the campus and the area surrounding it. Buildings were vandalized, a mobile generator powered light was firebombed and multiple attendees were assaulted.