United Nations, New York. The world is in a dangerous place and many are now questioning the US decision to forcibly take away North Koreas nuclear weapons, especially given the sheer hypocrisy of saying the US is “mature” enough to posess such weapons, but not North Korea. America as always uses selective comparison to justify hostile action, but never looks in the mirror, for fear of seeing the real aggressor on the world stage.

“Nuclear weapons are one of those sovereign rights that should not be granted to autocratic leaders, or to immature or unstable democracies, for that matter. Russia, China, Pakistan, and Iran are all lacking in qualities of democracy, human rights, environmental sustainability, and international law. Therefore they should not be trusted with nuclear weapons, which can do major damage to these core values.”

So goes the American narative on why only they should have nuclear weapons and be “authorized” to attack nation states who have or pursue nuclear technology without American “devine” permision and blessings.

The reason for the distinction, according to American nuclear cowboy killers which some might see as hypocrisy, is rarely discussed by diplomats publicly. But they believe the reason for strong opposition to North Korean nuclear weapons is they see the Kim Jong-Un regime as an autocracy that violates human rights and international law and therefore cannot be trusted with this most destructive of weapons. This of course do present the incredibly awkward world family photo of the United States being the ONLY world power to actually use an atomic weapon-TWICE to kill hundreds of thousands in an act of war.

Were Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, or Ukraine to obtain nuclear weapons for their defense against China and Russia, which they are all currently trying to do, they would not experience sanctions or violent threats as do North Korea and Iran. They might get a slap on the diplomatic wrist, and nothing more. This is total hypocrisy, based on the core values exhibited by the United States in its exploitation, domination and aggression upon powers smaller than itself.

Nowhere is the US version of world domination and aggression upon nations outside its own borders more apparent then its desires to forcibly disarm North Korea. But unlike the Iraqi victims of US regime change, North Korea does have the means to make it one cost prohibitive transaction. Something hopefully the American capitalists can comprehend.

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