Washington, DC. In an open move to further inflame Russia and corrupt Belorussia, the USA announced it would hold back sanctions, in a publicly stated desire for Belorussia to leave the orbit of the Russian Federation and “join” the west, perhaps just like Ukraine “joined” the west in 2014.

The sanctions relief was part of an effort to engage with Belarus and its leader, President Alexander Lukashenko. The European Union last year ended five years of sanctions against Belarus in an effort to encourage a path to future EU membership.

The United States Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Control on Friday extended sanctions relief for Belarus for another six months, continuing a policy begun during the Obama administration meant to encourage a country traditionally in Russia’s orbit to turn to the West. The Treasury Department said it had made the decision “in consultation and coordination” with the State Department.

The waivers are tied to domestic political reforms and were thrown in doubt after Belarus authorities arrested hundreds of people in March during an attempt to hold a street protest in the capital Minsk.

American officiasl said earlier this month that the Trump administration was inclined to renew the sanctions relief at the end of April if Belarus authorities did not “do anything awful.”

On Friday the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, which administers sanctions, issued a new waiver on Friday extending the relief until Oct. 30. It allows companies like petrochemical conglomerate Belneftekhim and tire manufacturer Belshina to deal with American businesses.

The Americans see the Belorussian nation as the next logical target for a color revolution and have encouraged George Soros, USAID and the CIA to concentrate destabalization efforts on “regime change” there.

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