A US serviceman has died from wounds sustained during an explosion near Mosul, Iraq, according to a statement issued by Operation Inherent Resolve command.

The US soldier died outside Mosul, the embattled city in northern Iraq that coalition forces are attempting to wrest back from Daesh control, after an explosion that happened on Saturday.

Iraqi national armed forces, aided by militia groups and advised by US forces, have been engaged in the battle to retake Mosul since October 2016. Daesh took control of the city in 2014.

The command provided no details beyond the information that the soldier had died in an “explosive device blast,” but promised to release more information as appropriate, according to CBS News.

It is likely that the serviceman died after a blast from an improvised explosive device (IED) left by Daesh militants. US troops are not supposed to be taking part in actual combat in the city, but providing advance support and advice and helping with de-mining efforts around the area.

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