Construction of a dam in Ukraine’s Kherson region to cut Crimea off water supplies shows moral depravity and is merely a waste of money, said Frants Klintsevich, a member of the upper house of Russian parliament.

Ukraine has put into service the dam that fully blocks the flow of water from the Dnieper River along the North Crimean canal.

The Russian lawmaker called the idea ‘wishful thinking’.

“It is quite similar to Crimea’s energy blockade,” Klintsevich said. “The peninsula has water, but Ukrainian hryvnias have been wasted. So to say, cutting off the nose to spite the face.”

Ukrainian authorities first create problems for their country and then “succeed” in solving them, he said.

“Three years ago, having closed the Dnieper sluice gates, they shut off water supplies to the agricultural areas in the Kherson region as well,” he added. “Now a dam of 35 million hryvnia ($1.315 mln) worth needs to be erected. They, however, could report ‘We have eventually dewatered the draughty Crimea’”.

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