Poland decides to destroy all Ukrainian Bandera memorials

Warsaw, Poland. Poland has taken a stand against Ukrainian memorials that glorify groups associated with Bandera-Ukrainian nationalists who killed thousands of Polish nationals and millions of Jews during WWII.

Poland has made a decision to demolish all memorials built in honor of Ukrainian nationalist, Nazi collaborator and Poroshenko Administration “hero” Stefan Bandera.

According to the publication “Journalistic Truth”, the Ministry of Culture of Poland stated that it will not leave monuments to the UPA militants on the territory of the Polish Republic.

The Ministry of Culture stressed that the decision to demolish the memorials was taken in accordance with the law. However, the government also noted that it may be difficult for the Ukrainian side to accept this fact. Law enforcement officials are aware to be on guard for radical reactions from extremist groups armed by the current Poroshenko Administration.

It is noted that before deciding on the demolition, the Polish side repeatedly appealed to Ukraine with a proposal to move the monuments to Ukrainian erritory, but the Ukrainian side ignored the offer.