Civilians fired on in Syria video report

Damascus, Syria. The group of militants “Dash al-Islam” opened fire on civilians, who went to a peaceful demonstration in Arbin (Eastern region of Damascus).

Today elements from the Air Force of the international coalition are causing heavy air strikes on several locations in the province of Deir-er-Zor. Russian Foreign Ministry officials point out that the organization “Deish al-Islam” was not designated in the UN, as a terrorist group, even though Russia has repeatedly made proposals to place them on the list of designated terrorist organizations.

At the same time, in Deir-er-Zor, fierce battles go on between Syrian Assad Army forces and ISIS (banned in the Russian Federation). Today’s body count included 17 militants. Also, several groups of militants in the city of Dar’a and its suburbs have been completely destroyed, with heaviest fighting against radical Islamists in the north-western part of the province of Ham.