The Syrian city of Raqqa remains occupied by Daesh terrorists since early 2014. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) with the backing of a US-led international coalition is set to storm Raqqa and liberate it next month. It has been reported that US tanks will be used during the battle.

A representative of the command of the Syrian Democratic Forces, who wished to remain anonymous, told Sputnik Arabic that the US had recently delivered heavy weapons and tanks to the SDF.

“Two days ago, as part of the upcoming battle against Daesh the US sent us tanks and heavy weapons. The armament was delivered to Rojava [Kurdish de facto autonomous region in northern Syria]. It arrived on wagons through the territory of northern Iraq, through the border crossing point Semelka,” the source said. From there, the armaments were brought north of Raqqa.

“The tanks we received from the US, we intend to use during the storming of Raqqa next month. Previously, we had tanks but in small numbers and unlike those supplied by America, those were not in the best condition,” he said.
The representative of the Syrian Democratic Forces further stressed that, in case of a repeated attack by the Turkish armed forces, the SDF troops would be forced to cease the operation for the liberation of Raqqa.

“If Turkey continues to attack us, we will be forced to suspend the operation in Raqqa and move to the defense of our territories. Currently, we are meeting with the coalition forces in order to prevent a possible recurrence of attacks from Turkey,” the source told Sputnik.

He added that SDF has warned the coalition saying that in the event of a second attack, the troops would redirect all of the forces concentrated in Raqqa to the Turkish-Syrian border.

“We were promised that a meeting will be held with the Turkish side and we will be informed about the results,” the source concluded.

Recent days have seen heavy clashes between the Turkish military and Kurdish fighters close to the town of Ceylanpinar.

Earlier this week, Turkish jets launched airstrikes against People’s Protection Units (YPG) targets in northern Syria, killing approximately 70 Kurdish fighters. Both Russia and the United States criticized the Turkish operation.

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