Brussels, Belgium. While a world war is pending, France’s election is about to climax and the EU juggles nation states wanting to exit, they now try to tackle the issue of Turkish EU membership yet again.

The Turkish accession to the European Union is unrealistic. This was the message from Federal Chancellor of Austria Christian Kern on arrival at the emergency EU summit on Brexit held in Brussels this weekend.

“We do not believe that the entry is a realistic option,” he said, noting that the development of events in Turkey is causing concerns in European Union leadership circles.

Following the recent referendum in Turkey on April 16, at which the citizens of the country favored the massive consolidation of Presidential powers for Turkish dictator Erdogan, the EU began to talk about the need to suspend the talks with Ankara on joining the European Union, which have been ongoing since 2005.

Meanwhile, the official position of the European community remains unchanged and the negotiations for admission of Turkey continue. The Turkish dictator now says he will offer an accession referendum to his citizens, regardless of Brussels approval.

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