Paris, France. In an effort to pander to crossover Le Pen voters, with days left in campaign 2017, Emmanuel Macron says he plans to dump France’s immigrant problems upon the British in a future France under his control.

Emmanuel Macron, the favourite to win the election for the French President, has vowed to renegotiate France’s border treaty with the UK, raising the prospect of a refugee camp in Kent.

Candidate Macron has told French voters the Le Touquet treaty, under which British border guards operate in Calais, should be “back on the table.” The idea being to move the facility into the English countryside.

Mr Macron said: “I want to put the Le Touquet border deal back on the table. It must be renegotiated, especially the parts that deal with the fate of isolated child migrants.” Under the Macron plan, immigrants claiming to be of “child age” would be priority sent on to final destinations inside the United Kingdom.

The Le Touquet treaty, which was singed in 2003 by then Prime Minister Tony Blair and French President Jacques Chirac, allowed each country to set up border controls at each others border crossings.Macron aims to take this and use it in Brexit negotiations to force the immigrants upon the English.

This treaty originally stopped refugees at teach border crossing and prevented a refugee camp similar to the jungle camp in Calais, from starting in the UK.

For years, Calais has become home to thousands of refugees living in makeshift camps and making repeated attempts to reach the UK. If the treaty was ripped up, illegal immigrants would have to be dealt with on arrival in the UK instead.

French political analysts believe that Macron will moderate once elected, but is currently saying “anything it takes” to get elected in a nation whose patience with its immigration nightmare is clearly at an end.

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