Paris, France. With just days to go before the next round of Election 2017 in France, leader Marine Le Pen announces a merger of political organizations with a common direction.

The French “National Front” party and the “Get Up, France” movement decided to form a pre-election union. This was announced on Saturday at a joint press conference by their leaders Marin Le Pen and Nicolas Dupont-Enyan.

“We are creating a large republican and patriotic alliance, and we will jointly defend our government program,” Marin Le Pen said. She stressed that she considers the step of the like-minded as brave, and informed that in case of victory in the presidential election “will make DuPont-Enjana the prime minister of the country.”

“In his work, he will rely on the presidential majority acting in the national interest.The government of national unity will include politicians selected there for their competence and love for France,” Le Pen said.

“I am grateful to Nicolas Dupont-Enjan for his deed, he is a politician with many fine qualities, the most important of which is that he is a patriot of his country, a patriot sincere and demanding, and this he proved by the actions of his brave movement” Get Up, France ” , Which adheres to the ideas of the general (Charles) de Gaulle, a politician who was able to get out of existing structures for the values ​​defended by him and express an opinion different from the others, “the leader of the National Front said.

“I am proud and I am happy that between the two rounds of the presidential elections in France such an alliance has been created between the two political organizations, the Union in which they will retain their freedom and independence.We have reached agreement on a common presidential project, which we will now jointly defend, Emphasized Marine Le Pen.

For his part, the leader of the “Get Up, France” Nicolas Dupont-Aignan called the day of the creation of the election union “historic.” He urged the French to “think carefully about who to vote in the second round, so that” it did not happen that the country will follow the same course in the next five years. “” When creating a coalition for us, the interests of France are more important than personal interests, ” he said.

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