Moscow not happy over Montenegro NATO outcome

Moscow, Russia. In breaking news, Moscow is cautioning against celebrating Montenegro’s vote to join NATO and making it clear in no uncertain terms, it still reserves the right to react to issues in it’s sphere of influence when necessary.

Moscow has said it deeply regrets Montenegro’s decision to join NATO. Montenegro’s authorities have not heeded the voice of reason, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced earlier this evening.

“Following the parliament’s decision of April 28 on Montenegro’s joining NATO, we have to state with deep regret that the current leaders of that country and their Western patrons have failed to heed the voice of reason and conscience,” the ministry explained.

“Adoption of fundamental acts concerning basic issues of the state’s security through voting of separate lawmakers on the basis of a formal majority without asking the nation’s opinion is a demonstrative act of violating all democratic norms and principles,” the ministry pointed out.

Moscow reserves the right to take measures aimed at protecting its interests and national security after Montenegro’s joining NATO, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The Foreign Ministry concluded with a sharp dig at NATO and its partners, proclaiming “But Moscow cannot but take into account strategic consequences of this step. That is why we reserve the right to take such decisions which are aimed at the protection of our interests and national security.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said last September that any expansion of NATO was “a mistake, even a provocation.” In comments to Russian media then, he described NATO’s so-called open door policy as “irresponsible.”


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