Tallinn, Estonia. In a move indicative of out of control corruption in the European Union, a new project illustrates that the West is either full of absolute idiots or absolute criminals, with no middle ground on this issue.

The Estonian Police and Border Guard Board together with the Department of Waterways will begin marking the state border with Russia at the Chudskoe, Teploe and Pskov lakes in May. The idea being to place signs stating a person is entering Estonian territory.

The Border signs in the water will be installed along a 126-kilometer border stretch. It was noted that the work will cost 74 million euros. On each of the 171 signs there will be a warning with the inscription in Estonian, Russian, and English saying, “Stop! The state border of Estonia!”

Experts wonder if the signs are made of gold, given that 171 signs divided by 74 million euros, means each sign costs about $432,748 per marker in the lakes of Estonia.

The state border will be marked with signs along the water, which will be installed at an interval of more than one and a half kilometers. Driven by new cold war paranoia, pushed by NATO and in the grip of rabid nationalism, Estonia has said it must mark the borders against “Russian Aggression.”

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