It appears that an attack carried out in the vicinity of Damascus International Airport on April 27 failed to disrupt the facility’s activities, and the airport continues to operate as usual.

On April 27 a large explosion occurred in the vicinity of the Damascus International Airport, with initial reports claiming that it may have been a result of an Israeli strike against a Hezbollah supply hub in the area.

It should be noted however that Israeli officials have so far been reluctant to claim responsibility for this attack. Israeli Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz however said the strike is in line with Israel’s policy of targeting Hezbollah’s arms deliveries in Syria, but stopped short of saying Israel was responsible for the strikes.

Syrian Minister of Transport Ali Hamud told Sputnik Arabic however that the attack failed to disrupt the airport’s operations. The minister stated that “the airport operates according to its schedule” and that “no flights are being delayed.”

“This terrorist attack was carried out to hamper the restoration of the country, to destroy an element of infrastructure and sow fear in the souls of Syrians. This goal will never be achieved,” Hamud declared.

According to the minister, Syria’s transportation system continues to successfully endure war and terrorism as militants ‘supported by influential world powers’ constantly attack bridges, railroads, train stations, airports and medical transports.

The enemy seeks to completely disrupt transportation within the country and to isolate it from the outside world, Hamud added.

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