The special units of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) have detained in Russia’s western city of Kaliningrad twelve members of the Islamic Jihad-Jamaat Mujahideen terrorist group, an organization outlawed in Russia.

“Operatives detained in the course of a special operation 12 nationals of the Central Asian republics who appear to be the members of the Islamic Jihad-Jamaat Mujahideen terrorist organization, which is banned in the Russian Federation,” the FSB statement reads.

“They are suspected of involvement in recruiting activities in the interests of this international terrorist group,” the statement added.

The leader of the cell is an Uzbek national, who was wanted by authorities in his home country for committing an extremist crime. The man was recruiting residents of the Kaliningrad region, a Russian exclave on the Baltic sea shores, to the organization, according to the statement.

The suspect has given confessions, revealing the information about his relatives’ links to terror organizations. The law enforcement are now checking if the organizations the suspect mentioned are associated with terror factions operating in Syria.

The authorities are planning to deport those detained to their countries of origin, where they will be prosecuted for crimes of a terrorist nature.

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