Washington, DC. Many American voters supported Donald Trump in election 2016 over promises to bring peace, engender good foreign relations and rebuild America through sound fiscal policy. None of which have remotely been delivered.

Donald John Trump signed a contract with America and then violated it and that is going to cost him.

The president affixed his signature to a “Contract With The American Voter” in which he made 60 promises for his first 100 days in office. Researchers found that Trump only kept five of the 60 commitments and has already broken another five. He has started on eleven and taken no action on 36 others.

In a tweet, Trump noted that 100 days was a “ridiculous standard.” And it is, except for the fact that he voluntarily created and signed a contract for that delivery date.

What do you think the managers at the Trump corporation would do if you signed a contract promising to pay them $100,000 in 100 days and instead brought a check for $8,333 and claimed 100 days was an arbitrary and ridiculous standard?

Anyone with a fundamental understanding of law knows you would find yourself neck deep in legal action leading to your financial ruin, if not loss of standing in your community.

Trump may not fully comprehend this, because usually he is the one reneging on contracts and leaving creditors afraid to come after him. But the American people are one group that must be paid.

Where this all comes full circle is that when the house has its mid term election next year, Trump will find himself with zero support, standing or credibility from the choices made so far in his administration that herald how his future as president will unfold.

If you are a Republican House member looking at a president who had broken his contract with America and was saddled with a 40 percent approval rating, you might just start to panic now, as by next year it will only be worse

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