St George’s ribbon is “Russian Aggression” to Poland

Warsaw, Poland. The orange and black ribbon of St. George has been a simple symbol of Russian patriotism for well over 150 years, but according to Polish and Ukrainian officials raised recently on a diet of NATO hate propaganda, the ribbons are symbols of “Russian aggression.”

Russia has announced the beginning of a patriotic initiative. By 9th of May, Russia will distribute 100,000 Saint George ribbons abroad, but NATO countries are afraid this is another “Russian aggression” operation or act of “hybird warfare.”

This was the news reported by Gazeta Wyborcza a Polish propaganda media oulet for the European Union. The Polish media adding that in Russia and some post-Soviet countries, “the ribbon is considered a symbol of the end of the Second World War and Soviet victory-(as if they would prefer Hitler in Poland?) That’s why it is massively distributed in the streets on the occasion of the celebration of the Victory Day on May 9.”

Distribution activities began this past Saturday. This was announced by the Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Kiselyov. “The initiative was born in the agency ‘Russia Today’ in 2005. The St. George’s ribbon became a symbol of the glory of our soldiers during the Great Patriotic War. It also acquired a certain value in itself that became a certain foothold in modern times,” Kiselyov said.

The publication writes that the ribbons will be distributed in 90 countries including Poland. They will be handed out by Russian diplomats, as well as members of pro-Russian organizations and those who “sympathize” with Moscow. This activity is viewed as an act of “Russian aggression” to distribute such ribbons.


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