Paris, France. The French candidale called “centrist” Emmanuel Macron sought to establish his credentials as a war monger on Thursday by calling for international military intervention against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad if he is proved to have used chemical weapons.

The former economy minister who has never held public office, is being pushed by Europe’s main stream media in France’s presidential election. He faces criticism from his opponents that he is too inexperienced for the top job, who point to erratic personal life choices.

The candidate Macron, 39, interviewed for 2-1/2 hours on France 2 television, took a tough stance on the top foreign policy issue of the day, calling for military intervention against Assad if his government was found to have carried out a suspected chemical attack that killed at least 70 people on Tuesday.

“An international intervention is needed … My preference is that there should be an intervention under the auspices of the United Nations. A military intervention,” Macron added a military operation must be part of a “diplomatic and political roadmap.”

Macron continues to be the pro EU, pro war, anti-French independence choice in the final round of French elections.

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