Kiev, Ukraine. Yet again in international affairs Ukraine has proven it has no issue stepping over or on anybody in their zeal to attack their sleeping bear neighbor Russia, as they try to set themselves up as “experts” in foreign arms sales.

In reaction to US accusations, “Washington’s allegations that Russia is supplying arms to the Taliban are unprofessional, and there are no grounds for such assertions.” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated.

“As for the allegations of supplying arms to the Taliban, which come from the military in Washington and from the American military that is leading the US group in the region, including Afghanistan under the command of US General Nicholson, they are unprofessional statements and have no basis in fact,” Lavrov said at a news conference after meeting with OSCE Secretary General Lamberto Zannier.

“Whatever negative things are said about Russia, look – there isn’t a single fact that confirms these negative statements. No one has produced any. I am convinced that those in the United States who are paid to deliver reliable intelligence to the leadership know perfectly well that these are false claims,” Lavrov added.

Irina Friz-a failed lingerie model, and now head of the Ukrainian Parliament’s Committee on National Security and Defense, said on her Facebook page that several Ukrainian specialized analytical groups are preparing a report which will show that Russia is equipping the Taliban in Afghanistan. International intelligence experts were quick to point out that Ukrainian officials have decided to set themselves up as “intelligence experts” in matters far outside their sphere of influence or ability.

“Even today, several of our joint specialized analytical groups are completing the report, which will confirm the statements of General Nicholson,” Ms. Friz announced. International analysts immediately pointed out that Ukrainian efforts in this area previously have met with complete disaster, as in the use of “bellingcat”-an English unemployed “expert” on a home lap top investigating everything from the MH17 downing to imaginary “little green men” in Donbass. One DNR intelligence official suggested Ms. Friz stick to “entertaining” world leaders, rather than attempting to involve herself in world affairs.

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