French Interior Minister Matthias Fekl and Minister of Overseas Ericka Bareigts confirmed in a joint statement on Thursday an accident which took place on the French island of Reunion, and expressed their support and wished speedy recovery for the injured police officers.

Earlier in the day, media reported that two police officers of the National Police Intervention Groups (GIPN) were injured by a gunman.

“Matthias FEKL, Interior Minister, and Ericka BAREIGTS, Minister of Overseas, express their full support to the two police officers wounded this morning at Saint-Benoit while being on duty… The interior minister and the minister of overseas wish them speedy and complete recovery, and also send their sympathy to the relatives and all colleagues [of the wounded police officers],” the joint communique read.

The officials also confirmed that during search in the house of the radicalized attacker the police found explosive materials.

“The mother of the [attacker], who was in the apartment, was also detained and placed under police custody. Many weapons and various composes of Molotov cocktails were seized,” the communique said.

One police officer was shot in the arm and another in the hand. Both were immediately transferred to hospital. The attacker was severely injured and hospitalized as well.

An investigation into the incident in the French overseas department is underway.

The attack followed last week’s incident, when a gunman opened fire on French police officers on the Champs-Elysees in Paris, killing one law enforcer and injuring two others, as well as a German tourist, who was passing by. The Daesh terror group, banned in Russia, reportedly claimed responsibility for the attack.

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