Kiev, Ukraine. In urgent, breaking news-officials of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense are claiming the Donbass genocide will take on a new urgency, under a marshal law ruling planned by President Petro Poroshenko. The intensity of the conflict is expected to be “stepped up” shortly.

Recently Eduard Basurin of the Donetsk People’s Republic Army warned of a high risk of new attacks by the Kiev, US-backed Army upon the Donbass region. The DNR intelligence information tended to indicate the first part of May as the time of yet another assault upon the DNR-LNR nation states, that have voted to go their seperate ways from the Kiev central government.

“The Ukrainian Armed Forces are capable of performing missions set by the government if martial law is declared,” Deputy Defense Minister Ihor Pavlovsky said. Analysts imediately seized on this as proof Kiev intends to “rebrand” the Donbass conflict from an “anti-terrorist operation” to a “peace keeping” mission designed to overwhelm and disarm local militias in Donbass.

“In the event the conflict in eastern Ukraine develops and in the event martial law is imposed, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are now fully capable of fulfilling the orders by the state’s leadership as regards mobilization and deployment for full use by mobilizing a trained reserve. There is no problem here,” Pavlovsky said at an international security conference held in Kiev on Thursday.

Pavlovsky said the Ukrainian army have been trained and reformed in a situation of conflict over the past three years thanks to the Minsk Agreements. It was the first public admission that the Kiev government has not kept the Minsk agreements by design, so they could kill more of their own citizens.

“As we have the Minsk format, the intensity of the conflict in the eastern part of the country is low. This enables us now to achieve a number of objectives, such as making the army professional, arm it, and set up new structural branches, in particular, the Special Operations Forces,” he said.

Ukraine has lost over 100,000 citizens, including 62,652 servicemen, since the beginning of the military conflict in Donbass, which Kiev changes from “anti-terrorist operation” to “war of Russian Aggression” with the frequency of turning a water spout on and off.

“The escalation of the conflict should not be ruled out,” Pavlovsky said.

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