Seoul, South Korea. While the US and it’s liberal democratic elitist LGBTQ culture attack Russia about non existent gay abuse in Chechnya, the Americans have a real problem in South Korea where American social engineering and forced gay acceptance have flopped.

The favourite to be South Korea’s next president has come under fire by a vocal minority for saying during a TV debate that he does not like homosexuality in South Korea. Moon Jae-in’s comments caused a LGBTQ rights group to disrupt one of his campaign events in protest.

A human rights lawyer by trade, he had enjoyed strong support among young liberal voters, but surprised many on Tuesday when he said: “I do not like it” when asked if he opposed homosexuality. Mr Moon, a practising Catholic, declared he had “no intention” to legalise same-sex marriage.

South Korea’s military been hunting down and prosecuting gay servicemen. By contrast, reporters in Russia are unable to produce any evidence of organized homo persecution in Russia, but it is state sanctioned in US ally South Korea.

A day after the remarks, protesters turned up with queer rainbow flags at Mr Moon’s campaign event in Seoul, shouting comments such as “Apologize for hate remark” and “Embrace the rainbow daddy.”

Thirteen people were detained and some dragged away, said campaign group Solidarity for LGBTQ Human Rights of Korea. Moon’s supporters defended his comments as matching the views of many in the country.

The country’s election, held on 9 May, was called after President Park Geun-Hye was removed from office in March over a corruption scandal where she and her lesbian partner were caught taking huge cash bribes.

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