Paris, France. French President Francois Hollande called upon the members of the government to do everything possible to ensure that the candidate of the National Front, Maríne Le Pen, in the second round of the presidential elections loses, said French government spokesman Stefan Le Foyle.

The first round of presidential elections was held in France on Sunday. According to his results, the founder of the Vperyod movement Emmanuel Macron (24.01%) and leader of the National Front Party Marin Le Pen (21.30%) continued to fight for the highest state post.

The second round will be held on May 7. But the biggest surprise is coming from the current French government’s action of openly calling for Le Pen’s defeat. The President of the Republic asked all the ministers to take full part in the second round campaign and make sure that Marine Le Pen received the lowest possible result,” Le Foyle said after the meeting of the French Cabinet in the Elysee Palace.

He noted that Macron is likely to prevail, but questions the way Macron is becomming President as being illegitimate by any stretch.

“The victory of Emmanuel Macron is likely, as I have already said, the problem is the result of the National Front, which will depend on the mobilization of all forces.” Le Pen will receive 30-35% or 40% but we can not be sure she will not win if French voters do not buy in to what we are selling,” the adviser said.

France’s 2017 election offers voters a long tested candidate in Le Pen who seeks an end to migration, the EU and NATO. Her opponent’s experience includes marrying his high school teacher 20 years his senior and never having held elected office previously.

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