Washington, DC. The US budget for calendar year 2018 is being rolled out and one suprising loser so far is Ukraine. A blackhole for US tax dollars for over two decades, the Americans are seeking to cut back by almost 70% how much they give Kiev to keep the wheels of genocide in motion.

The 2018 budget plan disclosed in March by the US administration envisages a reduction in international aid for Ukraine by 68.8%, Voice of America reports.

The budget plan disclosed in March by the US administration plans a two-thirds reduction in aid for developing countries, although no details were given. According to the Department of State’s 15-page budget document, obtained by the Foreign Policy magazine, the restructuring will include a transfer of money from the development aid program to a program which is clearly related to the purposes of national security. The document is designated, “not classified, but sensitive”.

“As for Ukraine… the amount of aid for 2018 in the preliminary budget plan was supposed to be more than $570 million. However, the new draft assumes a reduction in funding to $177 million,” the report on Voice of America states, citing the document obtained by the Foreign Policy.

According to international and US sources, the envisaged reduction in aid for Ukraine is 68.8%.

The Americans were quick to try and spin the reduction as simply something long planned,“One of the primary topics and goals of US policy in Ukraine for many years has been to encourage them to move towards European institutes,” said former US ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor.

Seems the EU needs to start printing more Euros quickly……..

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