Washington, DC. The United States once set the standard for internationa justice with claims of innocent until proven guilty, but with American sanctions a number of Syrians just woke up to find themselves guilty with zero due process whatsoever.

The United States has imposed ‘sweeping sanctions’ on Syrian chemists and other citizens in response to the alleged chemical attack that killed over 80 civilians earlier this month according to American sources.

The sactions imposed by the US Treasury Department will freeze the assets of 271 employees of the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center (SSRC). It also ordered that American individuals and businesses be blocked from dealing with them.

According to the statement from Washington, the SSRC produced the chemical weapons and the means used to deliver them in the attack without providing any evidence of the accusations or final judgement of any court.

“We intend to hold the Assad regime accountable for its unacceptable behavior,” Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said at the White House.

In the aftermath of the attack, the Pentagon launched an attack on a Syrian government airbase as a warning to President Bashar al-Assad’s regime. The attack was done after an emotional outburst of Trump’s daughter and at a cost of $100 million plus dollars to US taxpayers for 59 Tomahawk missiles.

Monday’s sanctions announcement had been indicated earlier on in the month by Mnuchin, who told reporters that “they will be coming out in the near future” a day after President Donald Trump’s surprise attack on Syria.

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin explained that the sanctions would affect businesses around the world, saying they will “have enormous impact with all of our partners around the world who also work with us on…these issues.” Underlining how the USA imposes itself globally with zero due process under its own laws.

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