For the second time in six months, the Hollywood Walk of Fame star extolling the current US President, Donald Trump, has been vandalized.

Over the weekend a person or persons as yet unidentified scrawled the phrase “F**k Trump” on the iconic urban tourist destination that includes some 2600 famous or infamous names of fictional characters and other celebrities and important people.

Last October a man took a pickaxe to the piece of sidewalk bearing Trump’s name, damaging it heavily and requiring the pink stone and brass-trimmed badge to be completely replaced.

Each star along Hollywood Boulevard costs the city some $30,000, according to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

The star bearing Trump’s name was placed in the sidewalk well before his involvement in politics, after he was credited in 2007 as being a producer for a television show involving the Miss Universe beauty talent competition, according to a Walk of Fame spokesperson.

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