Glasgow, Scotland. As all eyes turn to the drama of the French elections, whose results can end the EU or the UK where elections can change the Brexit, Scottish voters are being slowly de-escalated from another independence vote.

A new main stream media survey in Scotland found backing among Scots voters for the break-up of the UK has slumped from 47% to 40% since August last year. It also showed that nearly half of them do not want a second independence referendum to ever take place.

Nicola Sturgeon tells Theresa May a second independence referendum WILL happen, regardless of what polls say. Barely a quarter of Scots back Nicola Sturgeon’s call for another breakaway vote in the main stream media poll, this is expected to be held in either spring 2018 or autumn 2019.

The results come hard on the heels of a Panelbase poll which showed the SNP is on course to lose nine seats on 8 June. A total of 1060 Scottish adults were asked their views on a second referendum and independence between 29 March and 11 April for the poll.

Responses on whether Scotland should be independent, 37% said yes and 55% said no. But once ‘Don’t Knows’ were stripped out, the split was 60%-40% in favour of remaining in the UK. Last August, the split was 53% to 47% against independence.

Tom Costley, head of Kantar in Scotland, said: “It is interesting to speculate on why there appears to be this weakening in the ‘Yes’ vote, despite Scotland voting clearly in favour of remaining within the EU, which is the stated position of the SNP-led Scottish government.

“The changing economic outlook in Scotland, particularly in relation to the oil industry, may also have led to voters reassessing independence. Moreover, with Theresa May calling a general election for 8t June, there is the potential for election fatigue with the prospect of an extended referendum campaign too much for the Scottish electorate.”

The UK and EU continue to be against Scotland having a say in it’s own independence, News Front will continue to report the latest results on Scotland’s aspirations for a free and independent Scotland.

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