Lugansk, LNR. The tractor blown up after hitting a Ukrainian land mine, had originally killed one citizen and injured 5, now the death toll has risen to 3 killed, as two female citizens near the blast have now expired from their injuries.

In Perevalsk district near the village Fashchevka in the Lugansk People’s Republic on April 24 at 11.15 hours, a tractor with a trailer was blown up by a Ukrainian land mine.

During the post explosion investigation, the LNR-MGB-Ministry of State Security officials established that while harvesting a tree near the village of Faschevka, a tractor with employees of the Shterovsky lumber collective in the Lugansk district was blown up after running over an anti-tank mine. As a result, one employee was killed, five were injured and hospitalized. That count now stands at 3 dead and 3 wounded.

According to preliminary investigation data, this antitank mine was installed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in 2014 during the occupation of Chernukhino and nearby villages. The collected film materials are attached as evidence to the criminal case on the fact of the planning, preparation, unleashing and waging of the aggressive war by the representatives of the Ukraine Junta, the investigation of which is carried out by the MGB of the People’s Republic of Lugansk.

The use of land mines is prohibited under UN and international war crimes law. Violation is an offense prosecuted by the LNR, the Russian Federation and international authorities. To date over 100,000 people have died in the Donbass genocide under Petro Poroshenko’s leadership of Western Ukraine.

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