Kiev, Ukraine. Despite an unstable government and out of control corruption, China is taking a more active roll in Ukrainian investment under close American scrutiny.

The idea that China and Ukraine together should master the international market was stated by the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of China in Ukraine, Du Wei at a press conference on the occasion of the establishment of the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Ukraine and China.

Wei stressed that the stage at which economic relations between the two countries were limited to trade alone has passed, indicating that China sees corruption and the civil war in the eastern part of Ukraine as mere speed bumps to move beyond.

The pitch from Du Wei, is later China and Ukraine should follow the path of joint research and development of new scientific and technical products, mastering the international market together. The idea of China getting close to technology and trade secrets of western businesses already established in Ukraine, is starting to raise concerns from the US-Ukrainian business council in Washington.

“Ukraine has very strong fundamental bodies of scientific research. You have a great advantage in this regard. The problem is that the Ukrainian scientific and technical industry obviously lacks financing and investments,” the Chinese Ambassador noted. He added that China has the opportunity to invest in high-tech developments and a rich experience in turning scientific potential into completed products on the market.

Among the high-tech industries that China is interested in, the ambassador pointed out to the aircraft industry, space, new materials and new energy sources.

The diplomat stressed that in many economical spheres the common wealth of both Ukraine and China complement each other, which would allow for mutually beneficial cooperation, much to the utter mortification of American business experts.

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