US to send watchdog to check Ukraine

US to send watchdog to check Ukraine

Washington, DC. The US obviously with a lot to lose in the Ukraine is sending a “special observer” to take a closer look at just what Ukraine is up to with all the aid money being lost there and demands now for military support against a citizen uprising, now in its third year.

The U.S. Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Political-Military Affairs, Ambassador Tina Kaidanow, will visit Ukraine next week to discuss military assistance programs, the State Department said in a message.

The report says that Kaidanow will visit Germany, Estonia and Ukraine on April 23-29 to discuss a number of international security issues.

“In Estonia and Ukraine, Ambassador Kaidanow will meet with civilian and defense officials to discuss a wide range of political-military issues, including regional strategic priorities, security assistance, military-to-military cooperation, and related issues,” the statement of the US Department of State reads.

The U.S. ambassador will begin her visit in Germany. There, she will hold consultations with representatives of the United States European Command in Germany and meet with other senior American representatives in the region.

Finance Minister Oleksandr Danyliuk announced that at this stage, Ukraine is more interested in military assistance from the US than money. International observers find this statement more than absurd, given Ukraine is currently selling arms to a number of middle eastern nations itself.


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