The vehicle of the OSCE Special monitoring mission might have been blown up by the 8th regiment of Ukrainian army special operations forces, said LPR People’s Militia spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Andrey Marochko.

On April 23 the SMM patrol en route from Slavyanoserbsk to Sokolniki drove on mine in the vicinity of Prishib township, the explosion killed the mission’s paramedic, a US citizen, and wounded two other monitors, man and woman, citizens of Czech Republic and Germany.

LPR Ministry of State Security (MGB) said the blast might have been masterminded by Ukrainian saboteur squad.  

“We have been warning international observers about possible provocations by Kiev forces, about saboteur squads operating on the contact line.”

“Saboteurs of the 8th regiment of Ukrainian army special operations forces have been spotted there, operating under command of Ukrainian colonel Nechaev Oleg Aleksandrovich.”

“The OSCE SMM have often used this side road, approximately 2km away from the contact line, which is not used by the locals.”

“Preliminary insight, before the investigators come up with reports, gives grounds to conclude that the attack was prepared and perpetrated by Ukrainian saboteurs in order to blame LPR military,” said Marochko.

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