Washington, DC. The United States has lately been giving Ukraine a hard time about corruption, but none dare say corruption in America, where apparently it do prosper.

Donald Trump smashed records this month with a reported $107 million dollar worth of donations to the “58th Presidential Inaugural Committee,” doubling the amount received in 2009 by former President Barack Obama.

An independent investigation into Trump’s Federal Election Committee filing, spearheaded by journalists, presents evidence that a large number of donors used “phony records” or are “front groups,” suggesting massive corruption is taking place in American politics on a level unheard of previously.

Lets examine Marion’s donation to Trump, Marion Forcht of Corbin, KY donated $50,000 to the president’s inaugural committee. His wife Terry also donated $50,000. Forcht owns Forcht Insurance Agency, with an estimated annual revenue of $134,500. Investigators want to know if the persons yearly income is $134,500 a year, how in the hell can they afford to donate $100,000 of it to Trump ???

In another, “GLM Development” donated $100,000 to the president—with an estimated revenue of $146,000. In yet another, Isabel T. John of Englewood, NJ donated $400,000. The problem? There’s no record she even exists.

Further intensive review indicates, Trump’s inaugural committee claimed it received $25,000 from NASA mathematician and physicist Katherine Johnson, a claim her attorney denies.

Investigators also note the filings reveal a $1 million donation from American Action Network, which the FBI describes as a “dark money power player”—an organization used to funnel money to campaigns while masking the identity of the donor. It also lists a $300,000 donation from Bennett LeBow, a businessman who partnered with Trump on a failed Moscow real estate venture.

Further review may expose even more corruption in the Trump White House. It is becomming easy to understand why the corruption “reforms” pushed on Ukraine are considered such a joke back in Washington, given how dirty the highest elected official himself is.

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