Lugansk, Ukraine. In urgent breaking news, it has been announced that an OSCE vehicle and observer crew has been attacked by Kiev SBU diversionary forces as a possible false flag provocation to justify a full scale invasion of Donbass.

The Ukrainian military forces today blew up a SUV full of observers from the OSCE mission in Donetsk. The incident occurred near the village of Prishib, the Slavyanoserbsky district in the LNR.

This was reported to News Front by a source within law enforcement locally.

“According to preliminary data, the Ukrainian SBU worked to arrange a provocation,” the report said.

The OSCE investigative-operative group left for the site of the attack. The source specified that a land mine was detonated under the vehicle.

“There are people injured. Details are specified, “the source added.

At least one is now reported dead.

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