London, United Kingdon. If the polls in the UK are correct, the Conservatives could secure a once in a lifetime victory in June, that will realign the British political landscape. According to the polls, Labour has lost its reputation as the party that would best protect the British working class, once its strongest claim.

PM Theresa May appeared on course to win a crushing election victory in June after opinion polls put support for her ruling Conservative party at around 50 percent, double that of the opposition Labour party.

Her decision to call a June 8 election stunned her political rivals this week and a string of polls released late on Saturday suggested the gamble had paid off, with one showing the party of Margaret Thatcher enjoying levels of support not seen since 1991.

Theresa May was appointed prime minister in the turmoil that followed Britain’s vote to leave the European Union last June, said she needed the election to secure her own mandate and strengthen her hand for the Brexit negotiations ahead.

We learn from other polls, May’s Conservatives also gained ground in Scotland at the expense of the Scottish National Party, potentially weakening the nationalists’ demand for another independence referendum.

Prime Minister May has warned her party not to take victory for granted, a message that was restated by pollsters on Saturday. “While no political party could ever object to breaching the 50 percent barrier for the first time this century, this spectacular headline result masks a real danger for the Tories,” said News Front consultant Andrew Hawkins.

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