Yalta, Russia. The Russian Federation had another international economic meeting, but it was not the topics making headlines, but the number of foreign diplomatic personnel from western Europe in attendance. Each according to Ukraine is now a criminal for visiting “occupied Crimea” and not elligible to enter the Ukraine for years.

The Yalta International Economic Forum began in the Crimea on Thursday. Among its guests were a large number of deputies from Italy, Austria and Romania.

The National leader of the Crimea republic, Sergey Aksyonov, wrote on Facebook that “214 businessmen, representatives of the deputy corps and executive authorities have arrived to participate in the forum from 46 countries.”

Among the participants named were numerous famous Europeans including the Senators of the Italian Parliament, Bartolomeo Amidei and Sergio Divina, the President of the Province of Reggio, Calabria Giuseppe Raffa, and representatives of regional parliaments and executive authorities of Liguria, Emilia-Romagna and Veneto.

The press service of the forum also names among its participants the deputy of Austria’s National Council, the lower house of the Austrian Parliament, Johannes Hübner who represented the ultra-right “Freedom Party,” and the deputy of the European Parliament from Romania, Laurenţiu Rebega who represents a nationalist group “Europe of Nations and Freedoms.”

Ukrainians vow to blacklist each one and bar them entry to the Ukraine.

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