Tokyo, Japan. The on again, off again excursion saga of the US carrier group once headed to Korea is not over yet. America says, “have faith we will find Korea on the map.”

The US Navy carrier group will enter the Sea of ​​Japan in a few days after driving first to Indonesia, then Australia and just about everywhere-except Korea.

The US Navy carrier battle group led by the American aircraft carrier “Carl Vinson” will enter the Sea of ​​Japan in the coming days, US Vice President Michael Pence reassured reporters in Australia on Saturday.

“We expect that the ships will be in the Sea of ​​Japan in a few days, until the end of this month,” Pence said.

“What the regime in the DPRK should not be wrong about, is that the United States has the resources, people and presence in the region in order to monitor our interests, their security and the security of our allies,” Pence said.

Currently, the US Navy aircraft carrier strike group, led by the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Carl Vinson, is moving from Singapore to the Sea of ​​Japan.

According to representatives of the US Navy, the purpose of these maneuvers is to demonstrate US power off the coast of the DPRK. The rest of the world simply prays the Americans do not end up starting a nuclear war by trying to prove their global instability, which is already well known.

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